Chesapeake Tees | Direct To Garment Printing
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Direct To Garment Printing

One of the newest types of printing on the scene is Direct to Garment printing. This type of printing utilizes a very similar print engine to an ink jet printer you would find in your home except its a lot larger and prints water based inks you would find in silk screening. Preperation: First, if the image being printed has white inkĀ  or the shirt being printed on is a darker color which will require a white underbase (this allows forĀ  the...

So what is Digital Printing when we are talking about custom apparel?

The answer to this is very simple actually! It is referring to any printing method which uses a CMYK printer to print the image which is displayed on the apparel. This can involved two methods to be particular to get the printed image to the garment. The image is first printed to a film which is then adhered to the fabric of the garment using a high temperature heat press. The ink used in this type of digital printing is...